Door In A Garage Door

Door In A Garage Door

Door in a garage door | 24 Hours Garage Doors

Have you ever wanted a door in a garage door for your residence or commercial business? Other common names for a garage door with door are pass door, a man door, an access door, a wicket door or a pedestrian door.

Benefits of garage doors with doors include:

  • The convenience of not having to open the entire garage door to enter

  • Security of a keyed deadbolt door in garage door.

  • Garage entry without showing all of the contents of your garage to unwanted eyes.

  • In the event of broken garage door springs, a broken garage door opener, worn out garage door rollers or a power outage leaving you with an inoperable garage door, you can still enter or exit the garage though your garage door with door.

  • Energy conservation as you will not have to open your entire garage door and lose as much heat or cooling when you open the smaller door that reduces surface area and time.

  • Wear and tear of your entire heavy garage door and it’s components are reduced.



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